Windrush Willow by Richard & Suzanne Kerwood

Richard and Suzanne Kerwood have a business selling harvested Willow Rods. As part of their business they also enjoy planting living willow into fences, domes and ships.

Quote from Web site “Established in 1998, Windrush Willow is owned and run by husband and wife team Richard & Suzanne Kerwood. Windrush Willow is dedicated to growing and promoting the wonderful species of Willow. We are busily planting up 4 acres of land in Devon, England with 150+ varieties of Willow, and are currently producing in excess of 250,000 Osier Rods each year.

We are locking up some of the world’s excess Carbon Dioxide in Willow, concentrating on environmentally friendly methods of growing rare colored varieties for diverse habitats, and producing beautiful bark colors for weavers to use.”

There are more photos and information on their web site