1026 Nature Construction by Arthur Wiechula

Arthur Wiechula was born into a cultural blossoming, called the Charismatic era, where, to be cultured, was to understand literacy and the arts. This Era lasted for about 150 years. World War 1 did a severe pruning to this. Arthur did have a strong affinity for living co-operatively with nature and building a sustainable ecology. He wrote a few books on the subject of self-sufficiency and working with the land. It was to be his later books that would have the largest impact in Germany where he was born.Arthur had been inspired by reading the works of Jacob Lorber and Emanuel Swedeborg. With their work as a starting point Arthur extrapolated out how he thought you would be able to grow your own fences, bridges and buildings. The first book he wrote after this inspiration was titled Developing Houses from Living Trees.

In this book he uses illustrations as well as a supporting text, to demonstrate how to create constructions using trees.  It appears that it is this book which has had the largest impact in Germany.

He later also published a small brochure titled Timber Buildings under co-operation with Nature. Haven’t heard much about this book, but it certainly sounds interesting reading the title.

Using the ideals that he’d set out in his books, Arthur would start his own company called Nature Construction. This was later bought out by Neulohe Ltd. After the sale Arthur continued to sell his books and encourage others work co-operatively with nature and to construct with trees.