Unknown Treeshapers

Who are the people who shaped these trees? Please let us know and we will do a page with the photos.

2006 August 1st Dongguan, China

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This photo was taken by Matt Kvirkland on Flickr.

Who said:- “These opposing-helix ficus trees are a hallmark of one of the specific “Towns” that make up Dongguan. You can see in the background that they line the main boulevards of the town – There are literally hundreds of these lining the main streets in town. Read More

2006 May 20th Oaxaca, Mexico

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This photo was taken by Circus Dogs on Flickr.
Who said:- “The tree is in a small garden across from El Tule, a large tree in the town of Santa María del Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico.”

2006 October 30th Puerto Vallarta

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This photo was taken by Jessie Hirsch. Web site is www.jessiehirsch.com
Who said:-” It was taken on the Rio Cuale island in Puerto Vallarta.”