1985 Aharon Naveh

Aharon Naveh started created his art works, with sketches then in 1985 he planted several kinds of trees on 3 dunam plot (about 3/4 acre) at the edge of Kibutz Revivim in the Negev desert.  He now has mature pieces which have been photographed on his growing site. Some of his trees have reached their final form and will continue to grow naturally.
He also has younger trees that are continuing to be shaped and it will be some years before the process is complete. 

Aharon  participated in the World Expo 2005, Achi, Japan, He transplanted on of his best trees onto the grounds of the Growing Village Pavilion.

Aharon talks about his Shaping Process as well as time laspe photos of a few of his pieces. Well worth a look at Aharon Naveh web site

Some photos of Aharon Naveh’s trees are on David Tall’s web site from his trip.