2003 Bentbranch Boatworks by Laird Funk

Laird Funk become inspired to grow his very own boat. With a little help from his friends they planted a series of ash seedlings to form the ribs of the boat in 2002. The shape of the boat is to be a sleek double-ender. At this time he approached Maine boats, Homes and Harbours Magazine about writing a yearly article for them. They give him a contact to write articles about his growboat. 

Now 5 years on Laird and his team have carefully dug up the trees with their roots. This allowed easier access enabling precise removal of the roots without traumatizing the ribs of the growboat. The growboat in now in the workshop where work of finishing the boat will commence in due time.

Quote from Issue # 99 Right now the whole crew is in the shop, enjoying some of the sacred liquid (really strong coffee) that engendered this whole fairy tale in the first place. Passersby no doubt can hear the voices within raised in the ancient song of the

Growboat Elves
“Grow, grow, grow your boat, out there on the lawn, When it’s done, Cut it down And put the planking on!”

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