The bond with nature is infused through the human psyche. As industrialisation develops, this bond is expressed through art and literature rather than living emersed within it. As technology moves forward, humans are actively wanting to live cooperatively with nature. This is expressed in many different ways through the times. There will be a time when humans live cooperatively with nature, rather than its destruction.

People who shape trees are in 3 main categories

Visionary Creators | Inspired Explorers | Aficionados Practitioners

Over time these categories will divide into more.

Visionary Creators

These are people who individually had envisioned shaping trees, and worked to make their dream a reality.
These visionaries seem to fall into roughly two groups.
There has to be a better way than this. Why not grow the tree into the shape I want?
I wonder if I can shape a tree to my design?

Inspired Explorers

These are the people who were inspired by others to shape trees. This group of people had various influences, which started them on the path of shaping trees. For some it was writings, drawings, photos of shaped trees or existing shaped trees.

These inspired people fall into two groups.

The ones that took the initial spark and developed it to try to make it a reality.
The ones that saw the shaped trees, were so impressed by them, as to work towards understanding how the trees were shaped.

Aficionados Practitioners

These are people who were fascinated by the idea, and decided to learn the art.
As time progresses, this category will become vast. There are various ways of teaching. Through the written word, vocally, visually, learning from a more experience person, or a combination of any of the above. As technology progresses, there  are 3 main methods of tree shaping. Aeroponic root culture, Instant tree shaping (Arborsculpture) and Gradual tree shaping..

As the shaping methods become more defined, the path will become clearer and many devotees will follow.