1985 Life Furniture/Life Art by Nirandr Boonnetr

Nirandr Boonnetr starting manipulating a guava tree, as something that his future children could climb, jump, and sit on. As he was shaping the tree it started to take on the form of a chair. Initially people believed that the chair would grow to high for anyone to sit on. After three years the Life chair grew strong enough for Nirandr to sit on it. This gave him the confidence to continue experimenting with trees. 

After 15 years he completed the first six pieces of Life Art, with a five chairs and one table. Upon completion one piece of art was given to the Highness Crown Princes Sirinthorn.

Nirandr has a spiritual belief that this his calling. Creating these works of art inspires and rejuvenates him. His philosophy seems to be, that it is more productive and rewarding to work with nature than to destroy it. For people to become actively part of the ecology, working in harmony together.

Tree species he most commonly uses are Guava tree and Teak (Tectona grandis linn. F)
He has been named as the “The farther of Living Furniture” (Bangkok Post. January 16, 1996)
Nirandr participated in the World Expo 2005, Achi, Japan, sending one of his chairs to be displayed for the 6 months of the Expo.