Plantware by Ezekiel Golan / Yale Stav

Ezekiel Golan and Yale Stav are the founders of plantware. While working at a aeroponices root lab Ezekiel thought it was a waste to throw away these long roots. The trees that were being used where mainly Ficus. Some of the roots on these trees were as long as 6 meters. Ezekiel initially thought that he could supply different artists with these roots for shaping. Deciding he needed to do some tests he asked his partner Yale to help him. As Yael holds a Master’s Degree in Product Design from the Bezal

Academy in Jerusalem and has a large interest in the environment, she loved the idea. Together they designed a bench seat grown from two ficus roots. Last known photo of the seat was in 2005.  It was at this time, Yale created a series of renders to help inspire potential artists. 

Ezekiel and Yale had an agreement with Aharon Naveh (who has some very lovely shaped trees of his own). Ezekiel organised for a small aeroponices lab to set up near Aharon. So that he could more easily supply roots for shaping experiments to Aharon. Ezekiel Golan has disappeared from the Plantware’s web site and has been replaced by Gordon E. Glaze. Not sure what that’s about.
 Plantware recently donated a ficus bench to prototypes – the living bench to the children’s playground in the “Shiba” hospital complex in Tel-Aviv.

For more information and ideas plantware.org